Autumn pledge #1: Set up activities in advance

Back in September I blogged about my five pledges for Autumn, with the promise that I’d report back on how I got on.

First up we have my pledge to prepare an activity for the kids the night before, or even a week’s activities at a time. I’ve done pretty well with this. I prepared a batch of activities (selecting them, checking I had the right bits and bobs, compiling them) and it’s been a great tool to use when we want a home-based activity. I started a physical folder of play ideas (with ideas gathered from Pinterest, Nuturestore, The Imagination Tree and Red Ted Art), and last week I even managed to schedule a whole week’s activities. I loved having it written down – it gave me a sense of structure.

playdough and beads.jpg

Playdough and beads

The challenge now is to keep it going. This week I didn’t do a schedule and so we haven’t done as well.  I think scheduling the week’s activities needs to become a Sunday evening job – sitting down to look through the folder, and doing extra research to add to the folder if I feel we need a few more activities.

window activity.jpg

Sticky back plastic and matchsticks

The final thing I did was sign up to Nuturestore’s free weekly play planner. At least if I haven’t done my homework I’m betting that there’ll always be at least one thing on this list that I can pick up and do that week.

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