A recipe for a perfect* autumn day

*or a close to perfect as I think we’re likely to get


An extremely rare lie in for both children
Clear blue skies, dazzling sunshine, fresh autumn chill in the air
One path in a beautiful setting
Two scooters
A bridge across a gorgeous river
Pooh sticks
One flask of hot, sweet coffee
Lemon drizzle cake
A lock with passing boats and canoes
A late lunch with fresh baguette
Children who are happy to play
Some time to do some house sorting
Bangers and mash eaten together
Pre-recorded Strictly Come Dancing

1. Wake up naturally to realise your children are both still asleep. Mix in one child an hour after they normally wake up and enjoy a leisurely breakfast with him before the other child arrives an hour and a half after the sun came up on her groclock.
2. Look out at the blue skies and sparkling sunshine and have a sudden rush of inspiration about where to head to for the morning.
3. Walk along a path through beautiful fields with the kids zipping ahead on their scooters.
4. Stop on a bridge across a gorgeous river for a game or two of Pooh sticks.
5. Walk a bit further before settling on a bench beside a working lock. Pour hot, sweet coffees for the adults and warm squash for the kids and hand out a slice of homemade lemon drizzle cake.
6. Wander along the river before spotting a boat on its way down the river and running at full belt back to the lock, shouting “BOAT! BOAT! BOAT!” at the tops of your voices.
7. Enjoy the kids’ complete fascination as you watch a series of boats and canoes make their way through the lock.
8. Scoot back to the car, with a long stop to watch more canoes on the river.
9. Head home via a shop to buy fresh baguettes.
10. Eat a late lunch with the kids raving about how tasty it is.
11. Tackle the huge piles of clutter around the house while your children happily play together, inventing games and play scenes that make you smile.
12. Sit down to a late evening meal of bangers and mash, eaten together while you chat about your day.
13. Let the kids leave the tidying up to create one of their most imaginative and involved play scenes ever.
14. Get into PJs and watch the last few dances of last night’s Strictly, with the kids doing their crazy dancing at the start, and snuggled up with us on the sofa by the end.

I needed it and I loved every minute. One perfect autumn day with my family. Happy Heather.



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