1/12 Portraits of the twins, age 4

Last year I did the 52 project, which involved taking a picture of each of the twins every week and posting it here. Although I enjoyed it, and loved following other people’s 52 projects too, I found it very hard to keep up with taking decent pictures every single week, and ended up posting pictures I . . . → Read More: 1/12 Portraits of the twins, age 4

My default setting

Daily life’s been a bit of a slog round these parts lately. Not because of the twins, who are mostly pretty good company (bar the usual 4yo shenanigans), but because I’ve had back-to-back viruses since the end of October, a high-pressure December deadline, and then a manic Christmas, plus the constant rain is also getting us . . . → Read More: My default setting

Things we’ve explored this week..

The Natural History Museum, London – Fonz loved the moving T-Rex, Ez loved the big blue whale
The London Underground – fast and fun
Street dance – a new dance class taster session (the jury’s out)
Hampton, Peterborough – family, bikes and playgrounds
Big painting –  roll of paper spread on the floor, lots of paint = our latest obsession
My . . . → Read More: Things we’ve explored this week..

My word for 2014: Explore

I’ve just written a post about my word for 2014 over on my other blog, Growing Spaces, but I wanted to write a slightly different one for here. Growing Spaces (my family-friendly interiors blog) is where I can indulge my creative side, whereas here is where I like to focus on family. The two things are . . . → Read More: My word for 2014: Explore