My word for 2014: Explore

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I’ve just written a post about my word for 2014 over on my other blog, Growing Spaces, but I wanted to write a slightly different one for here. Growing Spaces (my family-friendly interiors blog) is where I can indulge my creative side, whereas here is where I like to focus on family. The two things are definitely not mutually exclusive, but I do still like having different outlets for the two main aspects of my life.

I’m keen to avoid making resolutions this year, opting instead to choose a word that I hope will guide me through 2014, along with a list of things I’d like to do,rather than promises I probably won’t keep (the list is currently taking shape in my head – and once it’s written down I’m sure I’ll add to it as the year progresses). I’m making no long-term pledges so there’s no pressure – I won’t fail if I don’t get through my list (although it might be rather disappointing if I don’t manage to tick off a single thing), but I’d like my year to revolve around the word EXPLORE.

When it comes to children and family, the word ‘explore’ has lots of relevance. Travel will play a big part in our year. This is the last year that we are able to take holidays that aren’t governed by school terms, and we’re going to embrace it as much as we can. I decided pretty last-minute to take the twins to New Zealand in February to see my little brother get married and to meet my nine-month-old niece for the first time. Ignoring the prospect of a 28-hour flight with two four-year-olds, I can’t wait to escape the British winter for a couple of weeks, and introduce the twins to my brother’s world.

It’s still in the planning stages, but we also hope to take an extended trip  at least a month) in early summer to drive through Europe, pitching our tent where we fancy. We want to try to take a more relaxed approach to exploring other countries than we have done in recent years, with less of a set itinerary, and a greater sense of freedom.

Of course there will also be plenty more to explore in 2014 – new experiences, new foods, new routes, new activities, new skills.

As much as I can I want to try to slow down the first eight months of this year. To make the most of this precious time I have with the twins before they get sucked into the school system. I know the time will fly by, and that my heart will burst with pride on their first day of school, but I’m anticipating a huge sense of loss, too.

Anyway, lots to explore before then. And of course, there will be new things to explore after September too. Life won’t stop, it will just change.

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