1/12 Portraits of the twins, age 4

Twins Jan 14 | Young&YoungerLast year I did the 52 project, which involved taking a picture of each of the twins every week and posting it here. Although I enjoyed it, and loved following other people’s 52 projects too, I found it very hard to keep up with taking decent pictures every single week, and ended up posting pictures I wasn’t really that pleased with, just so I didn’t miss a week. In fact, I’ve just realised that I never posted the last couple of weeks of last year, so I really need to go back and do those at some point.

This year, I’ve decided to concentrate on doing a portrait session with the twins once a month. Ideally I’d like to put some effort into setting these up – think about backdrops, plan the composition etc so that I work to get a shot I’m pleased with, and to get a variety of pictures.

January has really flown, and I’m still getting acquainted with my new DSLR, but last week on a rare, bright day I found myself with two amenable four-year-olds and we headed up to their bedroom to take some shots in front of their newly-painted blackboard wall. This is one of the first shots I took, and it was entirely directed by Fonz. He was adamant he needed his arm round his sister. I love that Ez is clasping her colouring book – she wouldn’t put it down and insisted on holding it up to her face to show off her colouring in most of her poses.

Jan 14 twinsThis is one from near the end. They were losing patience and I caught a rare still moment while they sat and caught their breath between staging comedic falls to make the other laugh. Although neither of them are smiling, I love the similarities that I can see in their faces here – their mouths look almost identical.

And the last from the set is an outtake, but it’s full of so much fun and energy that I wanted to include it. The middle of the photo session took a surreal turn when the twins climbed onto the top bunk bed and insisted I take pictures of them standing on their heads (which they can’t actually do). Then when I started getting frustrated they hid under the duvet, counted to three, and… RAWRRRRRRRRRRR!

Twins Jan 14 outtake | Young and Younger



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