Spring-themed Easter game

Waitrose Easter egg hunt | Young & Younger

Last week a fantastic package from Waitrose arrived with details of an Easter hunt game to play with the twins during the school holidays, plus a box of delicious Easter treats to hide along the way. Themed around Spring, the game includes questions and answers to help children explore the signs that Spring has arrived. There are ten questions and answers to cut out and hide on a hunt or trail (along with an egg if you want).

Waitrose egg hunt questions | Young & Younger

Waitrose egg hunt signpost | Young & Younger

Hidden clues | Young &  Younger

We had a street Easter party today, and I hid the ten questions around our front gardens for the kids to head out and find. They brought the questions back to me so I could read them out. The questions were perfect for the twins at age four (they were designed to be suitable for children age three and up), and then we’d go through to find the answer together, before they could choose a chocolate treat.

Egg hunt question | Young & Younger

Lindt bunny | Young & Younger

Waitrose eggs | Young & YoungerWe had great fun with the game, and I’ve kept the questions and answers to chat through them with the twins again at a quieter moment. I highly recommend downloading the kids’ Easter game from the Waitrose website to play this Easter weekend. Happy Easter – have fun!


Disclosure: Waitrose sent me instructions and a box of chocolate treats to help us play this game


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