Looking forward to the Just So Festival 2014


We had such an amazing time on our first visit to the Just So Festival family arts festival last year, that we decided immediately that we would go again in 2014. We had lots of fun last year, but I think that at nearly 5, the twins will get so much more from it, and I can’t wait to explore the areas we missed. We’ve already started talking about which tribe we want to join. I had assumed that we’d be owls again (I’m loyal like that), but the kids have different ideas after seeing some of the other tribes’ costumes last year, so nothing is certain yet!


The programme so far looks brilliant, and I spent a whole evening this week poring over the website, imagining which things we’ll want to add to our ‘must-see’ list. These are some of the activities and shows that jumped out at me…

For doing:– I have secretly (or maybe not so secretly) always harboured a dream of going on a circus skills course and so the Circus workshops that will be running at the 2014 Festival have got my name all over them. But will I be brave enough to have a go on the trapeze?! I also fancy the sound of  grabbing some props to feed our imaginations  at The Imaginarium.

For dancing:– Once we’ve practiced our Lindy Hop and Jive at one of the dance workshops, I can’t wait for the Rydell High Dance Off. Even if I don’t fancy actually dancing, I definitely don’t want to miss watching everyone else strut their stuff before joining in with the 50s and 60s disco and a showing of Grease out on the big screen. I loved last year’s Bollywood Dancing with the absolutely brilliant Sohan so much that there’s no way I’m missing out on having another go this year. It was one of my highlights of 2013, and I’m sure it will be again in 2014.

For watching:– There’s definitely an after-dark theme to the activities I’m looking forward to this year, I think because last year we missed out on a lot of the evening fun because the twins were tucked up in bed soon after dusk. Shadowplay: Walk The Plank sounds like a not-t0-be-missed event. At dusk down at the High Seas, it’s “an atmospheric, interactive, kinetic sculpture which projects the journey of silhouetted characters – including musicians and revellers’” created by artists Hannelora Johansson and Simon Williams. During the day we’ll be heading to the musical performance of Arthur’s Dream Boat – a puppet show that I think the twins will love.

lantern parade at Just So

For the magic:– We joined the Lantern Parade last year but we hadn’t had a chance to make our lanterns so we just gazed in wonder at everyone else’s. This year that’ll be one of the first things we head out to do, as I know that now the twins are older and bolder they’ll so excited about the parade this year. They’re big bonfire fans now too, so I’m looking forward to snuggling up next to the campfire to listen to some of this year’s Bonfire Bands.


There are still tickets available for Just So Festival 2014, but it’s worth snapping them up soon before they sell out. I wholeheartedly recommend it, and I can pretty much guarantee you’ll love it as much as us (if you’re not up for the camping aspect of our experience, then why not just go along for the day or opt for one of the glamping options).

I really hope you’ll join us there for a magical weekend this summer.


2 comments to Looking forward to the Just So Festival 2014

  • Every time I see anything about Just so – I think I must get organised and be part of this festival. It looks fantastic.
    Maybe this year, although I’ve just committed to another. Is two festivals greedy?

    • Heather

      Of course not! Three festivals would be greedy, two is totally acceptable I reckon?! I can’t really rave enough about how much we enjoyed the festival last year – I think it would be hard not to fall in love with it.

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