Our Europe road trip

Last night we finally booked our crossings over to France, and we leave for Europe in six weeks’ time.

I feel like we’re really embracing our word for 2014, ‘Explore’. Our trip to New Zealand was incredible, and I can’t believe we’ll be off on another adventure very soon. It’s going to come round so quick! We’ve done little-to-no planning, but we have a rough route sketched out and part of the challenge for me is to cut loose, and wing it a little more.

We’re taking advantage of this last year where we aren’t tied to the school holidays, and heading off for the whole of June. The car will be packed to bursting, and we’re going to make our way round Switzerland, Italy and France (and maybe Germany) with our trusty family tent. Four weeks of sleeping under canvas (or whatever it is that tents are actually made of these days) on sleeping mats. Part of me is totally thrilled, and part of me wonders if I’ve completely lost the plot.

The main thing I’m looking forward to (apart from all the fun we’ll have together) is being outside pretty much 24/7 for over four weeks. Fresh air, sunshine (I hope), nature, all that open space.

30 days, three countries (maybe four), lots and lots of miles, plenty of stunning scenery and some awesome memories I hope.

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