Europe road trip, first musings

We’re having a wonderful time in stunning Switzerland and here are a few things I’ve learned so far on our Europe road trip..

1. Apply insect repellent the second you get out of the car to pitch your tent in the late afternoon after a long journey. You will regret the failure to do so. *scratches*

2. If you’re planning to take lots of scenic video whilst driving, remember to fill up your screen wash before leaving home. Videos complete with dead flies and smears have a somewhat less romantic vibe.

3. If you pitch your tent on the slightest slope you will all wake up in a heap the next morning.

4. One-application sun cream is a thing made by angels in heaven.

5. Invest in a cheap tray table from Ikea for each of your children. They will then colour or play for the majority of your lengthy car journeys, without the need for any electronic entertainment*

*I absolutely cannot guarantee this in the case of your children, or for any future journeys with our children. In fact I have almost certainly jinxed it now.

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