A new chapter – farewell from Young & Younger

A new start

As the twins head off to school to start their Reception year, I’ve been reflecting on this blog and how much has changed over the last five years since I started writing it as a new mum of twins in 2009. As well as providing me with a memoir for a time in my life that passed in such as blur I struggle to remember any significant details, Young & Younger has also led to some fantastic experiences, has introduced me to a wonderful online world, and, most importantly, has gifted me some incredible friendships with people that I hope will be lifelong friends.

I started my other blog, Growing Spaces in 2011 shortly after our move from London to Berkshire, as a place for me to write about my passion for interiors. Since then it’s always been a struggle to keep up with two blogs (or even just one blog if I’m honest), fit in work, and raise my gorgeous small people. Recently I’ve been mulling over the idea of merging the two blogs together to create a single, lifestyle blog, and the start of a new academic year which has seen me wave my babies off to full-time education seems like a pretty good time to take the leap. I will still continue to write about family life, kids’ crafts and family activities, but I’ll be doing it over at Growing Spaces instead.

Young & Younger will always be precious to me. It feels like the end of an era, but it’s time to move on and tackle new things. Thankyou so much for reading. The thrill of getting a new comment on a post hasn’t lessened in the last five years, and your comments have offered me invaluable support, advice and encouragement as I have faced the biggest challenge of my life – becoming a parent and surviving those incredibly overwhelming early years.

Please do join me over on Growing Spaces where there’ll be the posts you already know, plus family-friendly interiors ideas, travel and a bit of food. I’m no good at goodbyes, so I’m hoping I’ll see you there soon.

Heather x

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8 comments to A new chapter – farewell from Young & Younger

  • Natalie

    Although I haven’t followed every single post, I’ve really loved getting a little window into your adventures through your blog. I can’t imagine how you do it all :) so thanks for what you’ve shared- you’ll never know exactly how many people you’ve touched, helped or inspired along the way, but it will definitely be a wonderful thing for you (and your kids) to look back on someday! All the best with your new ventures xxx

    • Heather

      Thanks so much Natalie! That’s one of the wonderful things about this blog – sharing our lives with friends old and new has felt really special. I may have been rubbish at keeping in touch with people, but the blog means that we can still connect. x

  • Such an exciting step, I can’t wait to read all your adventures and inspiration over on Growing Spaces! x

  • New chapters. Love younger and younger and for some reason, I’ve only dipped in and out of Growing Spaces. Probably because my spaces have been transient. I’ve avoided interiors as they make me feel whistful about my own.
    I’m following now and looking forward to Growing Space and actually, it comes at the perfect time.
    Isn’t blogging an unexpectedly wonderful thing?

    • Heather

      Thanks so much Gemma. Hopefully Growing Spaces will now offer more variety in its content so it will appeal on a non-interiors basis as well as an interiors one! x

  • See this? this is my sad face. i love this blog

  • This blog bought us together so I will miss it but I love GS too so it is all good. I still remember the first post I read on this blog – the one where you worked out how many nappies you had changed etc… Those were the days.

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