A recipe for a perfect* autumn day

*or a close to perfect as I think we’re likely to get

An extremely rare lie in for both children
Clear blue skies, dazzling sunshine, fresh autumn chill in the air
One path in a beautiful setting
Two scooters
A bridge across a gorgeous river
Pooh sticks
One flask of hot, sweet coffee
Lemon drizzle cake
A lock with passing boats and canoes
A late lunch . . . → Read More: A recipe for a perfect* autumn day

Seven month update – we’ve survived!

Miss E and Mr A have just turned seven months, so it’s about time for an update on how they’re getting on. That old chestnut, ‘the first six months are the hardest’ is so very true, and the last month has felt like the fog is lifting at long last. No doubt this has something to do . . . → Read More: Seven month update – we’ve survived!

Dear Diary…

My mum shamed me last week by showing me the notes she’d kept while I was a baby. They were so detailed – keeping record of every tiny development and milestone I reached. I’ve been a bit slack about this (the ‘development’ section in the babies’ red books that I’m supposed to fill in, is conspicuously blank) . . . → Read More: Dear Diary…

Making the move

I had mixed feelings last night when we put E and A down for the night in the nursery rather than in our bedroom. I was actually quite surprised how sentimental I felt about having them in the room with us, and I really really missed them when I went to bed. I didn’t realise how . . . → Read More: Making the move

A white Christmas for E and A

Snow and ice didn’t stop us making the journey up to County Durham on Christmas day to spend the day with the Young family. We had an amazingly quick journey – not many people on the roads at 5.45am on Christmas morning! The sun was shining by late morning when we arrived and the snowy views . . . → Read More: A white Christmas for E and A