Scheduling nightmare

We committed the cardinel sin of twin care today by letting E and A start their day at significantly different times. Young Daddy got up with A at 6.30am this morning, and I tried to get some extra shut-eye while E slept – she didn’t wake ’til 8.15am in the end. It was a bit short-sighted . . . → Read More: Scheduling nightmare

Christmas parties

We’ve had a full weekend of Christmas parties. Yesterday, Grandma and Grandpa Powell had their annual open house, and Young Daddy, E, A and I went along for the afternoon. The babies did pretty well, but E got a bit overwhelmed by the number of people. When I went upstairs with her to a quiet room . . . → Read More: Christmas parties

The importance of naps

I had one of those days yesterday that kept veering between being terrible and being lovely! The morning definitely fell into the ‘terrible’ category. After the morning feed, I packed E and A into their car seats and we drove over to meet Uncle Will for the first time. He’s back from New Zealand on a . . . → Read More: The importance of naps

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas!

We hosted a Christmas party today for our NCT friends. Although it meant quite a lot of cleaning and baking (we didn’t do a lot of food, but I baked some brownies, gingerbread Christmas trees and melting moments and then we also had mince pies and mulled wine), it’s been nice to get the house cleaned . . . → Read More: It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas!

Swaddling here to stay

We experimented again on Friday night with putting E and A to bed without swaddling them. Cue two hours of screaming! A eventually settled, but E just got more and more worked up until she actually made herself sick. As soon as we swaddled her she calmed right down and we were able to put her . . . → Read More: Swaddling here to stay