The last weeks of four

It’s just four weeks until the twins turn five, and on that very day they’ll also head off for their first day at school. These are the sort of weeks that have wings. Wings that mean they soar past you with a whoosh that’s fun and exhilarating, but that leaves you dazed and short of breath.

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Campsite activities for young children

We loved being away with the kids for a month, but it can get tiring needing to keep them entertained 24/7, especially when most of the campsites we chose to stay on were on the smaller side – a compact playground (if we were lucky) and a swimming pool (maybe).

When you’re camping, space in the car . . . → Read More: Campsite activities for young children

Travelling alone with kids

Although I love travelling, I’m not the most confident person and so have never gone away my own, and definitely lean on my husband Ben when we go abroad. He’ll normally sort all the practical stuff – loading luggage, sorting out the hire car or campervan, booking day trips, even the food shopping. So taking the . . . → Read More: Travelling alone with kids

My word for 2014: Explore

I’ve just written a post about my word for 2014 over on my other blog, Growing Spaces, but I wanted to write a slightly different one for here. Growing Spaces (my family-friendly interiors blog) is where I can indulge my creative side, whereas here is where I like to focus on family. The two things are . . . → Read More: My word for 2014: Explore

A recipe for a perfect* autumn day

*or a close to perfect as I think we’re likely to get

An extremely rare lie in for both children
Clear blue skies, dazzling sunshine, fresh autumn chill in the air
One path in a beautiful setting
Two scooters
A bridge across a gorgeous river
Pooh sticks
One flask of hot, sweet coffee
Lemon drizzle cake
A lock with passing boats and canoes
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