Just So blooming lovely

I feel lighter, happier, calmer – pretty surprising given that I’ve just spent the weekend camping in a field and am so tired I feel like I could sleep for a week. But the three days at the Just So Festival at Rode House in Cheshire really did something magic to my soul – I can’t . . . → Read More: Just So blooming lovely

Potette Plus travel potty review

The Potette Plus travel potty system is something I want to shout about simply because I think it’s fantastic – not because I’ve been asked to write a review. I would recommend it without reservation to anyone about to start potty training, or who has recently finished potty training.

We bought one way before we started potty training the . . . → Read More: Potette Plus travel potty review

MiFi – my lifesaver

Yes, yes, I know you want to know all about the move. But before that, how about I talk about how I’m even able to post today, given we have at least three more days before BT can manage to get someone out to the telephone exchange to hook us up, so we can finally get . . . → Read More: MiFi – my lifesaver

Review: The milk round – milk&more

As soon as we switched Ez and Fonz from formula to cow’s milk (at 12 months, and with absolutely no fuss whatsoever!), we were astonished at how much milk they started to get through. They currently drink two pints a day of whole cow’s milk between them, plus milk for their cereal or in any meals. . . . → Read More: Review: The milk round – milk&more

A new addition to the family

No I’m not pregnant! You don’t think I’m that crazy, do you?!

This morning I went in to get the babies dressed after their morning nap. I got out an outfit for each of them and popped Mr A onto the changing unit and started getting him dressed while I chatted away to them both. Then I . . . → Read More: A new addition to the family