The last weeks of four

It’s just four weeks until the twins turn five, and on that very day they’ll also head off for their first day at school. These are the sort of weeks that have wings. Wings that mean they soar past you with a whoosh that’s fun and exhilarating, but that leaves you dazed and short of breath.

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Twin highs and lows

Interaction. It’s the light at the end of the tunnel. It’s the reward for all the sleepless nights, and the stress and pain of the first year. It’s that harmony you’re aways striving for. It’s a response to that standard twin comment,  “Aw, how nice they’ve got each other to play with.”

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Ez and Fonz at 16 months

She’s meticulous – things need to be in their right place and she loves to sort and tidy. She can say “tidy” and her favourite activity at nursery is emptying the box of colouring pencils and slowly putting them all back in. Her favourite toy at home is her wooden shape sorter box.

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Twins at 14 months – Ez

Ez is so busy, busy, busy, always bustling around. She loves to tidy up, and and is forever emptying boxes or bags, only to refill them again. If she finds something she brings it over to give to me as a little gift.

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Twins at 14 months – Fonz

Fonz is so much happier now he’s walking. The frustration and anger that kept spilling over comes out less often and I’m loving all the belly laughs and cheeky grins he gives me now. He’s busy cutting what seems like a whole mouthful of teeth at once but on the whole he’s managing it pretty well.

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