Making time to rest

I am one of those people who just can’t sit still. The second I settle myself down on the sofa, I spot dust under the coffee table, or remember that there’s washing to be hung out, or decide that the mantelpiece needs restyling. But I absolutely love craft projects so for Christmas this year I asked . . . → Read More: Making time to rest

A grown-up playmat

I’ve been looking for a large activity mat for E and A, as in the last couple of days A has seemed to really enjoy lying on his back and having a good kick around. I popped him on a pillow on the floor of the kitchen yesterday evening and it stopped his witching hour (post . . . → Read More: A grown-up playmat

Hairdryer heaven

I was out of ideas and at the end of my tether this morning with both babies crying. It was raining hard, my back was hurting too much to lug the car seats around and my hair was still wet from my shower. Then I remembered the magic effect of the hairdryer. I sat on the . . . → Read More: Hairdryer heaven

We’ve seen the light(s)

E and A are both so mesmerised by any bright lights, that we decided to get some Christmas fairy lights down from the loft a little bit early and they’ve become our new toy. I feel a bit of an idiot waving fairy lights around, but it definitely seems to calm them, so I’ll stick with . . . → Read More: We’ve seen the light(s)

When you’re breastfeeding it’s really important to keep hydrated, and if you’re like me, you get really really thirsty when the babies are feeding. To keep water near me without having to hold a bottle or glass I have a ‘hydration pack’ (available from Blacks), normally used by hikers, skiers, cyclists etc. You can just suck . . . → Read More: