There has been too much sadness recently. Too many people I know have been touched by death. A mother, a two and half year old twin, a baby girl. I know that there have been good things happen too, the poignancy of an old friend taking her premature baby home after 246 days in hospital the . . . → Read More: Remembering

I have an addiction…

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Vlogging Diary – nursery meltdown

And the week just . . . → Read More: Vlogging Diary – nursery meltdown

Vlogging Diary – nursery countdown

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Vlogging Diary – teething woes

Before you watch this video – I’ve decided it feels too awkward saying ‘Mr A’ and ‘Miss E’ when I’m vlogging, so I’m giving them a name-change! Miss E is now Ez, and Mr A become The Fonz (Fonz, or Fonzie). Anyway, here’s what we got up to . . . → Read More: Vlogging Diary – teething woes