Before my work day even begins…

6.00 Husband’s alarm goes off. Lie there in denial. Wonder how bad my bed hair is (was washed late the night before to save time in the morning and was still damp when I went to bed) and what on earth I’m going to wear today.

6.30 Husband leaves for work.

6.45 Drag myself out of bed. Tiptoe . . . → Read More: Before my work day even begins…

Work/life balance.. the endless quest

Tomorrow Ez and Fonz will spend their first full day at their new nursery. I was a bit anxious about finding somewhere that I could trust after our nursery horror story, but we’ve managed to get them into a local nursery that I’m 100% happy with.

That, however, is not the problem at hand. The problem is . . . → Read More: Work/life balance.. the endless quest

When the trust is gone

Ten things you don’t want to happen on a Tuesday morning (or ever, for that matter)…

1) You drop your children at nursery, and head into the office. An hour and a half later you receive an email from a friend (who doesn’t have your mobile number) to say that their nanny rescued two young children (who . . . → Read More: When the trust is gone

Bish bash bosh

Fonz appears to be living up to his early nickname of “Bruiser” at nursery.

Last week the nursery staff told me that he’s been picking on one particular child. She’s younger than him, not even walking yet, and she always has a comforter blanket with her. Fonz repeatedly swipes her blanket or dives on top of her. . . . → Read More: Bish bash bosh