Oh Baby London review

We’ve entered Stage Pink. Suddenly, Ez has developed a strong feeling towards the colour pink. I can only thing that this is either in-built in girls, or that it has been picked up from nursery, because, wherever possible (it’s seemingly impossible at times), we have actively avoided going down the traditional pink/blue route with Ez and . . . → Read More: Oh Baby London review

Review: The milk round – milk&more

As soon as we switched Ez and Fonz from formula to cow’s milk (at 12 months, and with absolutely no fuss whatsoever!), we were astonished at how much milk they started to get through. They currently drink two pints a day of whole cow’s milk between them, plus milk for their cereal or in any meals. . . . → Read More: Review: The milk round – milk&more

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A study out today reveals that, of the 2,000 parents surveyed by TalkTalk, only 52 per cent read their children a bedtime story before they go to sleep.

I have always loved reading. I remember joining the library book clubs in my school holidays and amassing stickers and bookmarks as I ploughed my way through the books . . . → Read More: Read all about it