This is my space

Today I’ve had my hair pulled, my nose tweaked, my spots jabbed at, and my boobs prodded. I’ve been handed bogies, pants full of poo, dirty tissues and bits of fried egg that are deemed yucky. I haven’t been given the option of having the bathroom to myself when showering or going to the loo, and . . . → Read More: This is my space

THIS WEEK’S Twin Peak #4

Two to share this week…

The first happened out of my sight, so I only heard it.

Fonz: Owww!! I hurt my kneeee!
[Ez races round the corner]
Ez: Poor Fonz. My kiss it better.
Fonz: Fankoo Ez. Better now.

The second happened this morning when we braved the cold to head to our local lake to feed the ducks. Cold and . . . → Read More: THIS WEEK’S Twin Peak #4

This is me right now

This post is written for The Gallery at Sticky Fingers. This week’s prompt was inspired by a hashtag taking over Instagram last week –#merightnow.

If I look at this picture in ten years I hope it will remind me of the me right now.

Because right now, I’m happy. Happy to be a mum. Happy to have . . . → Read More: This is me right now