Battling to stay afloat

I keep trying to lodge the smile back on my face, but it just won’t stay put. There’s this constant feeling of sickness and butterflies in my tummy, combined with a tight chest, stopping me breathing. My throat feels constricted, like someone’s grip is slowly tightening. My temper’s short and I’m easily brought to tears.


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Me Time Challenge: Fresh air

So, I’ve been advised to make more time for myself. And apparently, having read some of your comments on my post, I’m not the only one to find this a challenge. So I thought I’d share my plans for how I’m going to use the time to myself, so that if you want to, you could . . . → Read More: Me Time Challenge: Fresh air

Making time for me time

I feel exhausted.

Not just some of the time.

Not just most of the time.

But all the time.

I go to bed feeling tired, and I wake up feeling just as tired. And I can’t blame the twins because more often than not these days I’m getting around eight hours of decent, unbroken sleep.

So I went to see the . . . → Read More: Making time for me time