Twins: time apart

This weekend marked the first planned night apart for the twins, aged 3.5 years. The only other night they’ve not been together was when Fonz spent a night in hospital and then they were only separated for about 12 hours, most of which Ez was asleep. At the end of our stay up north at Center . . . → Read More: Twins: time apart

Twin Peaks #13

E: Choose a book Fonz?

F: I choosing a book!

E: [‘Maisy Makes Gingerbread’] Maisy in the kitchen today. Need eggs and sugar and butter and flour. Mix it up. Now we put it in the oven. I want a bus stop please [‘Maisy’s Bus’].

F: Ok. Oh! I don’ like that one.

E: My bus stop please! Thank you. We read . . . → Read More: Twin Peaks #13

Twin game favourites

The Game of

Copyright Heather Young 2011

The idea of the Game is to gain CONTROL of the general area known as MUMMY’S LAP, so that one player can be considered the rightful owner of said space, and EVICT any SQUATTER legitimately. The OBJECT of . . . → Read More: Twin game favourites