{Monday Movie} Move those feet

If you haven’t read my post about remembering, Monday Movie is just a snippet from the twins’ week captured on video (and usually posted on a Monday, except where the lurgy interferes and it gets delayed!). So when Ez started this rather energetic dancing at breakfast the other morning, I quickly grabbed my phone to film . . . → Read More: {Monday Movie} Move those feet

THIS WEEK’S: Twin Peak #1

Introducing a new regular for the blog… Twin Peaks – a celebration of the best twin moment from the Young house each week. It could be a snippet of conversation, a funny incident, a picture or a video, but it’ll be something that made me smile.

This week:

The twins have just gone to bed (in their shared . . . → Read More: THIS WEEK’S: Twin Peak #1

Conversations with my daughter

I wrote this post on Thursday, but have only just grabbed time to upload it…

I have just spent the most amazing half hour having my first proper chat with my daughter. Fonz was happily enjoying his afternoon nap, but when Ez showed no sign of settling, I scooped her out and took her into my bed . . . → Read More: Conversations with my daughter

Good cop bad cop

Parenting twin toddlers is hard work, mentally and physically. As all parents of toddlers know, toddler behaviour can be frustrating and challenging. Toddlers can be a real joy, and my two make me laugh more than anything else in the world, but they are often right little buggers, too.

A while ago I wrote about how Ben . . . → Read More: Good cop bad cop

Bish bash bosh

Fonz appears to be living up to his early nickname of “Bruiser” at nursery.

Last week the nursery staff told me that he’s been picking on one particular child. She’s younger than him, not even walking yet, and she always has a comforter blanket with her. Fonz repeatedly swipes her blanket or dives on top of her. . . . → Read More: Bish bash bosh