Fonz: Waking up earlier and earlier, has a tendency to crash on the sofa mid afternoon, thinks it’s hilarious to lick my face.
Ez: Badly in need of a haircut, uses the phrase “But he’s just ruined it” a lot of the time when playing with her brother, wanted to stay in character as Sophie . . . → Read More: 10/52

Twin peaks {15}

No matter how hard they tried (and believe me, they tried A LOT of times), they just couldn’t work out why they weren’t rolling in the . . . → Read More: Twin peaks {15}

Twin peaks #9

Snippets of a conversation just overheard while the twins are in bed (not going to sleep as they should be) and I was in the bath.

Fonz: Sorry Ez, make hammer noise now [Ez is scared of loud noises such as the hammer or the drill]
[Fonz bangs the side of his bed with a squeaky rubber duck]
Fonz: . . . → Read More: Twin peaks #9

Potty training twins

I have been dreading the words potty training and twins for as long as I can remember. Be it fear of the unknown, fear of such a big change in our routine (which is working very nicely at the moment), or fear of being trapped in the house for days on end (we rarely, if ever, . . . → Read More: Potty training twins

This is my space

Today I’ve had my hair pulled, my nose tweaked, my spots jabbed at, and my boobs prodded. I’ve been handed bogies, pants full of poo, dirty tissues and bits of fried egg that are deemed yucky. I haven’t been given the option of having the bathroom to myself when showering or going to the loo, and . . . → Read More: This is my space