Twin Peaks #13

E: Choose a book Fonz?

F: I choosing a book!

E: [‘Maisy Makes Gingerbread’] Maisy in the kitchen today. Need eggs and sugar and butter and flour. Mix it up. Now we put it in the oven. I want a bus stop please [‘Maisy’s Bus’].

F: Ok. Oh! I don’ like that one.

E: My bus stop please! Thank you. We read . . . → Read More: Twin Peaks #13

Twins Peaks #11

The twins are in bed, but aren’t sleeping yet. I march upstairs ready to yell ask them calmly to settle down, but they are chatting away so nicely that I decide to take a pew on a stair and listen to their conversation. Ez has a stack of Maisie books in her bed, and is reading them . . . → Read More: Twins Peaks #11

Twin Peaks #10

What I’m loving this week is how, when I ask Ez and Fonz to choose their pants each morning, they have to go through the whole drawer, separating them into a pile of Ez’s pants and a pile of Fonz’s pants. Sometimes they’re both rifling through the drawer and there are pants flying through the air . . . → Read More: Twin Peaks #10