Twin peaks {15}

No matter how hard they tried (and believe me, they tried A LOT of times), they just couldn’t work out why they weren’t rolling in the . . . → Read More: Twin peaks {15}

Twin Peaks #13

E: Choose a book Fonz?

F: I choosing a book!

E: [‘Maisy Makes Gingerbread’] Maisy in the kitchen today. Need eggs and sugar and butter and flour. Mix it up. Now we put it in the oven. I want a bus stop please [‘Maisy’s Bus’].

F: Ok. Oh! I don’ like that one.

E: My bus stop please! Thank you. We read . . . → Read More: Twin Peaks #13

Twin peaks #9

Snippets of a conversation just overheard while the twins are in bed (not going to sleep as they should be) and I was in the bath.

Fonz: Sorry Ez, make hammer noise now [Ez is scared of loud noises such as the hammer or the drill]
[Fonz bangs the side of his bed with a squeaky rubber duck]
Fonz: . . . → Read More: Twin peaks #9

Twin Peaks #8

There are actually too many to choose from this week.

We’ve had a fantastic few days which have seen the twins get on the best I have ever seen them. They are actively playing with each and I’ll often find them huddled together, taking turns with whatever it is that has caught their attention.

There was this from . . . → Read More: Twin Peaks #8

THIS WEEK’S Twin Peak #4

Two to share this week…

The first happened out of my sight, so I only heard it.

Fonz: Owww!! I hurt my kneeee!
[Ez races round the corner]
Ez: Poor Fonz. My kiss it better.
Fonz: Fankoo Ez. Better now.

The second happened this morning when we braved the cold to head to our local lake to feed the ducks. Cold and . . . → Read More: THIS WEEK’S Twin Peak #4