Twin peaks {15}

No matter how hard they tried (and believe me, they tried A LOT of times), they just couldn’t work out why they weren’t rolling in the . . . → Read More: Twin peaks {15}

Stress point

I’m desperately trying to calm my breathing. Deep breath in. Deep breath out. Deep breath in. Deep breath out. My jaw is clenched and I try to relax my hands out of tight fists. I keep as quiet as possible, hoping beyond hope they won’t find me, though I know it’s inevitable.

“Where’s mummy?” echoes across the . . . → Read More: Stress point

Twin Peaks #12

We’ve had mega tantrums from Ez this week – I’m talking frothing at the mouth, burst blood vessels in eyes type tantrums that are of such epic proportions I wonder if their tremors can be felt across the whole of the south east of England.

Anyway, one such (more minor) tantrum occurred after bathtime because, shock horror, . . . → Read More: Twin Peaks #12

Twins Peaks #11

The twins are in bed, but aren’t sleeping yet. I march upstairs ready to yell ask them calmly to settle down, but they are chatting away so nicely that I decide to take a pew on a stair and listen to their conversation.¬†Ez has a stack of Maisie books in her bed, and is reading them . . . → Read More: Twins Peaks #11

Twin Peaks #10

What I’m loving this week is how, when I ask Ez and Fonz to choose their pants each morning, they have to go through the whole drawer, separating them into a pile of Ez’s pants and a pile of Fonz’s pants. Sometimes they’re both rifling through the drawer and there are pants flying through the air . . . → Read More: Twin Peaks #10