Making time for me time

I feel exhausted.

Not just some of the time.

Not just most of the time.

But all the time.

I go to bed feeling tired, and I wake up feeling just as tired. And I can’t blame the twins because more often than not these days I’m getting around eight hours of decent, unbroken sleep.

So I went to see the . . . → Read More: Making time for me time

Potty training twins

I have been dreading the words potty training and twins for as long as I can remember. Be it fear of the unknown, fear of such a big change in our routine (which is working very nicely at the moment), or fear of being trapped in the house for days on end (we rarely, if ever, . . . → Read More: Potty training twins

THIS WEEK’S Twin Peak #4

Two to share this week…

The first happened out of my sight, so I only heard it.

Fonz: Owww!! I hurt my kneeee!
[Ez races round the corner]
Ez: Poor Fonz. My kiss it better.
Fonz: Fankoo Ez. Better now.

The second happened this morning when we braved the cold to head to our local lake to feed the ducks. Cold and . . . → Read More: THIS WEEK’S Twin Peak #4

This is me right now

This post is written for The Gallery at Sticky Fingers. This week’s prompt was inspired by a hashtag taking over Instagram last week –#merightnow.

If I look at this picture in ten years I hope it will remind me of the me right now.

Because right now, I’m happy. Happy to be a mum. Happy to have . . . → Read More: This is me right now

THIS WEEK’S Twin Peak #3

The twins’ capacity for learning songs and actions knows no bounds at the moment, and they pick up tunes and rhymes like a sponge. This week they’ve even embraced another language, suddenly bursting into a round of “Frere Jacques”, obviously picked up at nursery as it’s not a song we’d sung at home until the last . . . → Read More: THIS WEEK’S Twin Peak #3