THIS WEEK’S Twin Peak #2

It’s been difficult to choose this week as we’ve had some great moments. Listening to the twins discussing big poos for 20 minutes while they were supposed to be napping (complete with poo sound effects), overhearing Fonz tell Ez off: “Don’ shout me Ez, it’s not kind”, and the first incident I can remember of Fonz . . . → Read More: THIS WEEK’S Twin Peak #2

I just couldn’t resist…

. . . → Read More: I just couldn’t resist…

THIS WEEK’S: Twin Peak #1

Introducing a new regular for the blog… Twin Peaks – a celebration of the best twin moment from the Young house each week. It could be a snippet of conversation, a funny incident, a picture or a video, but it’ll be something that made me smile.

This week:

The twins have just gone to bed (in their shared . . . → Read More: THIS WEEK’S: Twin Peak #1

Have a little patience

Every year for as long as I can remember, come New Year’s Day, I have resolved to be more patient.

But this year it isn’t on my list. Because for the first time ever, I think I have got my impatience under control and within acceptable levels. In fact, a number of people over the course of . . . → Read More: Have a little patience

Making friends

I have always seen the amazing bond that twin siblings will enjoy as one of the rewards of having twins. And watching this relationship develop has been incredible so far.

Up until recently, I think that Ez and Fonz mainly viewed each other as a rival for my attention. They’d find it very odd if the other . . . → Read More: Making friends